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kids playroom design in biblioteka restaurant

Biblioteka restaurant is the ideal place for families to enjoy good food while keeping their children. Located in St. Petersburg, has comfort with kids playroom so parents can eat in peace while their kids entertained and enjoy playing in their original toy library. Yeka Haski a local designer and illustrator, was commissioned to design a game room, where I want to project a fantasy world where children can play and stimulate your senses. Continue Reading »

20 Incredible Subway Stations Around the World

Posted by housedeco On June - 25 - 2014 Non-Residential

Georg Brauchle Ring metro station

Subway station is not only intended for transit passengers from one place to another, here is a place for people to visit on a daily bases. Because the purpose and location of subway stations as a place where many people come in droves, eventually building serves more than mere practical purpose. Place this architecture can be a remarkable place to show the richness of culture in a country or city, subway stations could be a great art exhibition space. Continue Reading »

25 Inspiring Best Romantic Places

Posted by housedeco On May - 21 - 2014 Non-Residential

romantic dining rooftop ideas

Romantic place has always been a holiday destination by each couple, it is something that makes every romantic place is different for each individual. I myself would like a place that could lead to a memory of an event, connection of the past or a long life as a moment not to be forgotten. Continue Reading »

Large Scale Yandex Office II in Saint Petersburg

Posted by housedeco On May - 21 - 2014 Non-Residential

yandex saint petersburg large clock

Yandex office was originally built in 2008 by za bor architects, when first time decided to collaborate with Russian IT companies. They actually do not know how much success, but launch of first office was a brilliant breakthrough. Four years later za bor architects and Yandex decided to repeat their cooperation but this time with larger scale. Continue Reading »

Best Romantic Hotel in France

Posted by housedeco On May - 17 - 2014 Non-Residential

country style hotel france

Le Moulin de l’Abbaye sits in the heart of the beautiful village of Brantôme, known as the “Venice of the Périgord”. One of the most impressive Village in the heart of la Dordogne! Nestled alongside the original mill-pond, this spot is one of the most delightful places in the Dordogne : this lovely and ancient mill itself is wreathed in ivy, and looks out over the 16th century masterpiece that is the right-angled bridge, the Pont Coudé bridge, the medieval Abbey founded by Charlemagne, with the monastery garden as well as the medieval tower and the Renaissance Pavilion. Continue Reading »

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