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The Old Palapye Museum With Red Brick And Glass Exposed

This church building is a combination of modern and traditional, original and industrial designs. Referred to as the Old Palapye Museum renovation that looks like it’s on a different level. Located between heritage sites Palapye in Botswana, at first glance this building looks like a Martian landscape,

Biblioteka Restaurant with Kids Playrooms in St. Petersburg

Biblioteka restaurant is the ideal place for families to enjoy good food while keeping their children. Located in St. Petersburg, has comfort with kids playroom so parents can eat in peace while their kids entertained and enjoy playing in their original toy library. Yeka Haski a local

20 Incredible Subway Stations Around The World

Subway station is not only intended for transit passengers from one place to another, here is a place for people to visit on a daily bases. Because the purpose and location of subway stations as a place where many people come in droves, eventually building serves more

25 Inspiring Best Romantic Places

Romantic place has always been a holiday destination by each couple, it is something that makes every romantic place is different for each individual. I myself would like a place that could lead to a memory of an event, connection of the past or a long life

Large Scale Yandex Office II In Saint Petersburg

Yandex office was originally built in 2008 by za bor architects, when first time decided to collaborate with Russian IT companies. They actually do not know how much success, but launch of first office was a brilliant breakthrough. Four years later za bor architects and Yandex decided