Fishing Hut And Houseboat: Mixing The Natural With The Human


This amazing project invites you to immerse yourself in nature. Fishing Hut 4.0 and Houseboat are two projects that both offer the pleasure of enjoying nature’s beauty. Designed by architectural studio RO_AR, this project mixes nature with people, sculpture with functionality, and architecture with landscape.

Fishing Hut 4.0

Fishing Hut 4.0 is designed as a bridge that connects the edge of the pond with the island in the middle to create a different landscape. At first glance, it looks like a statue with a hotel and club function hidden inside. The building structure is made of steel. The facade and roof use a surface treatment of bituminous strips glued to extruded polystyrene foam. The surface shape is made using a five-dimensional CNC machine, which effectively saves time and materials. On the north side, there is a wall covering the building with horizontal veneer finishing.



The second project, a floating house, is a response to a new form of housing where classic buildings permanently attached to the ground are not possible. The lack of living space, high independence, and the possibility of moving house are the main problems and objectives of this project. Working with building reflections underwater, designers question the classical relationship between architectural form and function. The building is expected to function as a single-family vacation home. The material design is taken from the structural requirements of the ship building. The outdoors are divided into two independent terraces, solving the problem of having the houseboat docked at the beach to be accessed by the public.








designer: RO_AR Architecture

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