White and the Bear: Kid-friendly Restaurant With Neutral Colours

Wherever you are, you definitely want a calm and comfortable feeling when you take your children, including when you want to invite them to eat at a restaurant. White and the Bear is becoming one of the family favorites in Dubai which caters for all family requirements. Designed by Sneha Divias Atelier has swapped stereotypical primary colors for neutral colors in a restaurant that is tailor-made to be kid friendly. Located right in Dubai’s Jumeirah district, this restaurant uses an “urban” interior that avoids the bright colors we usually see used in kid-focused spaces.

Uniquely, restaurant and retail space instead decorated with neutral colors and materials which, according to studio will foster a child’s curiosity. This color choice is believed to be less stimulating to the senses, whereas color schemes promote creativity, imagination and learning.

The ground floor of the building has been made into a single open space with an all-white surface. There are several sections in this restaurant, half of the room is devoted to restaurants that offer healthy food menus specially created by a nutritionist children. The wood is laid out to form a curved coffee counter where visiting parents can grab hot drinks and a series of adorable little animal chairs for the kids. Almost every piece of furniture is designed to make children feel at home in a pleasant atmosphere. There are some chairs that looked like an elephant, while others have ears like a rabbit or a bear that ran from the back. A flock of bird-like chandeliers and a mirror printed with a peeking bear. The other half of the room houses a small shop where clothes, books and toys are displayed on high-rise shelves.

photography: Natelee Cocks

source: dezeen

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