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The Botanica Residence With Various Water Features

Perched on a hill, GUZ Architects have successfully completed a new home in Singapore, for their clients who want a dynamic home with a variety of pleasant water features. The house is almost similar to this large bungalow has a beautiful view of the Unesco World Heritage

Turquay House With Great Ocean Accents

This house may look simple but if you look deeper then you will know that this is a dream beachfront home for most people. Located at the end of Victoria’s surf coast at the gateway of the Great Ocean Road, there is Project Felix by Leyer which

Beautiful Patiki Townhouse In Mallorca

This beautiful house is located in an ancient city located between mountains and coastline in Western Mallorca, an area where one of the main exporters of olives and oranges. First built in the 1800s, Patiki Townhouse was renovated again by a wealthy family to hire foreign architects

Hart House with Water Surrounded in Mackerel Beach

Houses with natural elements have always been the dream of everyone, determinants such as forests and beaches have become an attraction that is a dream for many people. Casey Brown Architecture tried to use the beach element to design their home this time. Given the name of

Two Houses at Nichada with Different Concept

The different concepts seen from Two Houses at Nichada Village in Bangkok, Thailand, offer two completely different perspectives on interior style. Designed by Alkhemist Architects to meet the needs of two brothers who want to live close to each other, this unique project shows how two different interior