21 Unique Moroccan Gardens That Not Be Missed

There are many amazing home garden designs from around the world, and if you have ever been to Morocco you are already familiar with the unique Moroccan gardens. This country, which is characterized by the beauty of its buildings and architecture, is no less attractive than their garden designs. If you are interested in presenting a Moroccan garden at home, this post will give you a variety of inspirations. As we know, the Moroccan style synonymous with bright colors, patterns are symmetrical and often uses natural elements such as floral and plant motifs. Located at the northern tip of Africa and bordering Europe, Morocco has architectural beauty both interior and exterior.

If you happen to like Middle Eastern style and are a fan of Moroccan-style architecture, then Moroccan garden designs are perfect for decorating your outdoor space. Various characteristic Moroccan garden which has been known since long that the element of water, ponds and species of tropical plants such as palms, cactus or plants leafy be a unique case of a Moroccan garden idea. Apart from that there are still many features of Moroccan gardens that are worth considering. If you’re curious, keep up with our search and get inspired!

Characteristic of Moroccan garden

Moroccan gardens are a little different from garden designs in general, this garden usually uses ceramic or mosaic patterned tiles. If during this you know the park is usually paved with soil or rocks, tile motif becomes the main elements that showed characteristic of Moroccan garden. This ceramic floor mosaic motif has an eccentric and geometric pattern that shows a warmer impression. In addition, Moroccan gardens usually have water features such as a pool, fish pond or fountain in the middle of the garden.

Tropical and lush style plants

Because of its location in the tropics, it is not surprising that Moroccan gardens use tropical plant species such as palms, cacti, or banana trees. Even so, some Moroccan gardens also use large, lush types of plants, this is done to make the garden feel cooler. Moroccan garden designs also use furniture to complement the decor, several choices of outdoor furniture such as long sofas, wicker chairs, textiles and lanterns are characteristic of a Moroccan garden.

Selection of Moroccan garden decorations

Lastly, Moroccan garden designs are known for using bold colors and unique motifs. Various accessories complement it, such as carpets, wickerwork, and color domination with typical Moroccan accessories. Ethnic seen for many people but it has a beautiful feast for the eyes thanks to the combination of colors and textures produced.

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