Beautiful House Of Flowers By Walker Warner Architects

Who would have thought this beautiful house was not really made for shelter. Designed by Walker Warner Architects, it has successfully renovated a warehouse to become a visitor’s center for wine making with red wood, fir, and scattering land. Curious? Keep up with our search taken from Dezeen. Let’s check!

Named the House of Flowers, the project was basically created as a visitor center and tasting room for Flowers Vineyard & Winery, which is already famous for chardonnay wine and pinot noir. Companies that had stood since the 1980s have their own vineyards along the rugged coast of Sonoma County in California. Now a new visitor facility is built in the city of Healdsburg, which is a destination for tourists and wine lovers. With an area of 15 hectares, it was once a property of VML Winery which was renovated with the help of Walker Warner Architects from San Francisco.

The concept of building is how to renovate but still preserve the site. Rather than having to build a new one, the architect prefers to turn the building into a visitor center, this is like the wishes of his clients who want a sustainable project.









The project focuses on natural settings, overhauled warehouses and two-storey volumes added. Architects want to dominate nature and use architecture to frame the experience. Located among the grove of trees, the center is rectangular in shape in the plan and covered with a metal roof that stands erect. Red wooden walls stained in black, to help the building retreat to the site that allows the landscape to be more focused. Simple and strong vernacular forms in this area serve as reference points and references to help eradicate architecture to its settings. If you pay attention, there are many natural elements that influence such as the entry of skylights and large windows, while the surrounding trees help shade the building.


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