Inflatable Bus Stop With Cozy Reading Nooks For Public


In big cities, public services are an important part that must meet all the needs as well as the comfort of its users. As with any of the Cultural Constellation series through a series of public elements, such as bus shelters, canopies and benches, all made of translucent inflatable PVC and featuring a public library.

Designed by Ulises, who has produced awe-inspiring works from nature-inspired mobile laboratories to ancient pyramids reimagined as modern and luxurious monuments, the designer has always explored artificial intelligence in imagining innovative design concepts that often feel surreal.

The inflatable bus stop is the latest project that envisions urban streets planted with inflatable infrastructure that double as comfortable reading nooks for the public. As reported by designboom for their latest project which is cool and innovative.


A reading culture that grows from the streets

This project is part of the Cultural Constellation which combines the power of artificial intelligence with design to realize simple but powerful ideas in the future. Ricardo Orts, as the founder of the Ulises studio, applies the concept of a street library to attract a reading culture, foster a sense of togetherness, and unite city dwellers in a common space to enjoy their favorite books.

According to Orts notes, public spaces are designed to foster a culture of reading, Ulises has a goal to make literature more accessible to everyone and promote the benefits of reading for personal and social development.


Inflatable bus stop structure

This bus stop is envisioned as a medium for daily social interaction and exchange of ideas, its structure is not only functional but also attractive to raise public interest. Constructed using inflatable PVC material, they are easy to transport and install, while their see-through design lets sunlight in naturally and creates an inviting atmosphere for readers. This bus stop can also serve as a platform for local artists and writers to showcase their work, ultimately promoting the city’s culture.









designer: Ulises / Ricardo Orts

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