Cozy Circular Public Seating Along The River In Poland

Many countries provide comfortable public areas for their citizens, and one of them is a public shelter lining the path along the river in Cieszyn, Poland, which also borders the Czech Republic. Designed by Architect Robert Skitek of RS +, he succeeded in turning a narrow, scattered piece of land on the steep bank of the Olza river into an attractive public space for exhibits on the history of the divided region.

This public area becomes an open-air museum with a circular seating platform called “The Time Circles”, making anyone want to relax and enjoy the view when crossing around the river, while also providing moments to learn about the history of the area. According to the architects, the most important challenge is to create a symbol characteristic elements museum, which will connect the areas belonging to two different countries. This area is designed to attract the attention of those who walk on the other side of the border river to invite them warmly.



When you walk at night, “The Time Circles” come alive with a circle of LED lights that attract the attention of every pedestrian while providing information about important events in the history of the city. Information can be seen easily on the plaque attached to the outside of the circle.



source: contemporist

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