February 26, 2024

25 Exotic Balinese Garden Ideas To Inspire You


Bali is one of the tourist destinations in Indonesia that offers a tropical paradise as a vacation spot. If you are ever traveling to Bali must already be familiar with the culture and traditions that affect the spatial patterns and residential architecture. This Balinese architectural style is indeed very thick with traditional elements and places nature as part of the decoration. Talking about classical Balinese architecture, of course we cannot be careless. In various designs such as layout, elements, to detailed ornaments, they have cultural and philosophical values that surround them.

Among all Balinese architecture, the Balinese garden style is the most eye-catching. Not only the origin of decorating the garden, but Balinese gardens are also arranged in such a way as to adhere to the highly influential culture and religion. Bali garden often use gay tropical ataman in almost every part, exotic statues, and Balinese nuances that arguably make anyone like being in the middle of natural tropical forests. If you are interested or want to bring a Balinese garden design outside your room. Here are some tips and a gallery of stunning Balinese gardens that will create your own green paradise.

Tropical style

Before we enter the list, you need to know some of the characteristics of Balinese gardens. Such as the origin of Asia, Bali garden style typically uses diverse tropical plants to meet the park. Bali itself is a beach tourism destination with charming tropical scenery. So it is not surprising that Balinese gardens are dominated by tropical plants such as palms, banana trees, and coconut trees. The settings used are local plants that reflect nature. This is in line with the Balinese architectural style, which is to create harmony between humans and nature.


Wood & StoneĀ  Element

The Balinese Garden places great emphasis on natural impressions. If you pay attention to the elements used, they usually use natural materials such as stone and wood. This element is found in every part of Balinese style garden as the garden gate, lights, path, to the park bench. While the use of stones can be seen in the placement of statues to garden decoration. Uniquely, this natural stone is allowed to be naturally contaminated so that it is allowed to grow moss to make it look like in the wild.


Water Features

The water element is an important factor in Balinese garden style. In the Balinese garden, it is tied to Balinese culture by placing the pool according to the hierarchy of its functions, namely the essence of human belief with God, nature and fellow humans. The harmonization of the relationship between the three is believed to influence the structure and morphology of the park itself. That is why the nuances of harmony with nature are stronger, usually a pool in a Balinese garden is also equipped with a fountain.























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