Glamping Pod Lara: Best Circular Cabins For Luxurious Holiday Retreat

When this holiday season feels chaotic for most people, maybe you really need a holiday retreat like a cabin to escape the chaos of the world. I know we all are tired of this pandemic and obsession to go on vacation really sometimes makes me crazy, especially just before the weekend. The conceptual glamping pod called Lara was designed by Damijan Koprivc and distributed through the official behance website. The round-shaped cabin becomes a luxurious treat that is dreamed of for those who miss the holidays. Lara cabin is equipped with a circular terrace complete with Jacuzzi and a lounge area either roof or in the front yard. The plan of this cabin will be placed in the middle of the tree to provide privacy for visitors, the designer has also added several plants to brighten the design of the terrace wood.

Clean lines with white exterior are very much integrated with natural and fertile surroundings. Ground floor there is a lounge and a bedroom with a modern fireplace, a space where there is a gap for flame stone. This cabin also has a bathroom that is quite unique even though the kitchen is still not available at this time. If you are bored on the roof or inside, there is also a small seating area outside the room and the fireplace inside is also shared by this room through a glass wall. Glamping pod lara is only small in size, but designers work around it with windows sweeping to the ceiling to make the room look bigger while letting sunlight into the room.











source: yankodesign

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