10 Beautiful Shared Bedrooms For Boys And Girls

A family will feel complete if you have children, and as a parent you will always be looking for and caring for them, including providing a special area for your children. Among the many rooms in the house, perhaps the bedroom is the most important area because various activities are often used, such as resting, playing, and studying. That is why kids bedroom design will determine the happiness of your children, where they can feel comfortable to do all that they want. However, just making a kids bedroom design will not be enough if you have more than one child, especially if they are boys and girls. The best solution is to build a private room for each of them, but not everyone has a house that can accommodate every family member, so you need an alternative bedroom to work around this.

A shared kids bedroom is not only practical and saves a lot of space, you can also create a special zone to separate boys and girls. Every child must have a desire and a different hobby, that’s why even though this bedroom together but you still need to make a difference to fit the desired each child. Today I’ve rounded up the 10 best shared bedrooms for kids on a budget. Starting from the bohemian bedroom to the shared attic bedroom. This is what you need for inspiration!

1. You can also apply a bohemian style to kids shared bedroom. To separate the zones between boys and girls, make different bed designs such as adding a canopy for girls beds and banners for boys

2. This kids shared bedroom at a glance has similarities both in design and in the form of a canopy bed. But if you pay attention to the difference in the color of the wallpaper and the poster, it determines the zone for boys and girls

3. Animal theme is a kid’s favorite, and adding it to a shared child’s bedroom is a great option

4. Color still dominates to create a kids shared bedroom. But you don’t have to completely create different colors to separate the whole room. Just use a choice of different furniture colors such as beds and bookshelves

5. A neutral decor option is the best solution if you want a simple shared bedroom and don’t want to mess around with two different design options

6. Apart from the bohemian style bedroom, it may not be complete if we do not include the Scandinavian bedroom. The impression of minimalism, unique, and a little classic is a timeless attraction that will be liked by both boys and girls

7. Creating a room divider like a bookshelf is a great way to separate a child’s room together. It also became part of a unique decoration for kids shared bedroom

8. Create two colors and two different themes for the bedroom together. Use pink and your daughter’s favorite characters, while the green for boys. This combination creates a unique feel for the bedroom

9. Small bedrooms can also be used to be together. A good arrangement like adding two small bedrooms and a bookshelf together looks to contrast with a unicorn headboard in a different color

10. Classic bedroom styles can also be applied to a child’s bedroom together. Like this loft bedroom that looks cozy with a warm classic feel

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