December 10, 2022

What’s Is Powder Room And How To Apply In Your Room

Before we discuss further about the powder room, what do you think about when you hear the term powder room? After I asked some friends, it turns out that there are still many who misinterpret the powder room, they think the powder room is a special room for make-up that is often placed in a private room, some even think that the powder room is a part of the bathroom. When viewed from the design, powder room is almost describe it, but in fact there is little difference that makes the powder room into a separate room.

Then, what exactly is a powder room and how do you apply it to your room? Today we will discuss all things about this small area that appeared to have a significant role, especially for your guests. What are you curious about? Let’s keep up with our reviews!

Definition Powder Room

Before we enter the list of the best powder rooms, you must know what is a powder room? Basically powder room is a small room dry toilet in the room created specifically to facilitate the guests during a visit to the home. This area is usually equipped with a sink, a sitting closet, and a mirror to make yourself up. So, for those of you who initially thought the powder room was a dressing room, it’s actually not wrong either, but usually this room doesn’t place a dressing table as part of the decoration but only a sink table. Powder room also doesn’t have much furniture, not even a chair to sit on, this room is designed to be practical so that your guests can use it functionally.

The right powder location

Powder room is designed to facilitate your guests, that’s why it presents a powder room in the room while maintaining the privacy of the home owners because guests do not have to enter into a private bathroom. This room is very functional and practical because it is usually located around the living room. You can add a small room near the living room and create a powder room there. The small size, of course, will not take up a lot of budget and space in your home.

Powder room decoration

Like the living room, the powder room is also used by your guests, especially for their personal needs. That’s why you can’t ignore the powder room decoration because this area will give an impression to your guests. Decorate powder room as attractive as possible like any other room in your home. Today there are many powder room designs that are very beautiful and work for small spaces, ranging from agricultural styles, modern, classic to adding unique wallpapers and themes.

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