How To Make Clever Kids Storage In The Hallway


Hallways are often the busiest places, especially if you have children at home. To work around this, you have to be good at creating storage organizations that are practical and easily accessible at the right height for use by all ages.

There’s no denying it, when you have school-age kids the first thing to think about is the storage area, and this hallway might be an effective solution to all that clutter. Let’s take a look at some hallway storage tips and ideas to help keep things neat, organized and ease the flow of the kids around the house.

Seating and storage area

A bench with storage underneath is easy to reach and able to hide all the clutter. Save various items or important things that are used most often but are not visible. In addition, the bench makes it easier for children when they want to tie their shoes or take off their shoes.


Main storage area in the hallway

You can fit almost anything into a hallway storage system, such as walls or limited-sized areas. It’s very convenient when you and your little one want to adjust things to the needs and space available. Hallway storage areas can provide each member of the family with more storage within easy reach.


Tidy up in basket

Using wicker baskets or containers in the hallway gives you aesthetic storage for anything from blankets and gloves, to slippers and shoes, or even pillows and toys. This basket has a unique woven shape with pores that keep whatever items inside are in the best condition by reducing moisture.


Storage board in the hallway

Wooden planks or pegboard walls are very practical for storing notes, keys, glasses, chargers, and other small items. Organize hooks, shelves, clips, containers and storage boxes according to your needs. To help you organize your schedule, leave blank space on the board to post notes and schedules that make your daily activities easier.


Hallway storage wall

Shelves and wall hooks are highly functional and provide an easily visible storage area. This hallway storage wall can be used for anything, from clothing, jackets, hats, shoes, and much more. Multiple rows of wall hooks are also a clever solution for hanging a variety of items your little one needs.


Shoe and bag storage in the hallway

Families usually have a large collection of shoes. So, organized shoe storage is essential for hiding some shoes that are rarely used. Put a shoe cabinet or wooden shoe rack in the hallway as they don’t take up a lot of floor area. The top can also be used as a shelf to store bags, clothes or other important items.

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