22 Eclectic Living Rooms That Timeless Design


The living room is sometimes the most central area in the house, whether it’s just a family gathering place or receiving your guests. So, determining the design of your living room can be a difficult decision. There are many interior styles that often confuse us, but now you can mix different styles using eclectic. Having a distinctive design, the eclectic style living room is a mixture of many styles so that it looks more attractive and not monotonous.

This style is inspired by patterns and colors from nature and adapts them in one look that is modern and dramatic. Despite the free design, eclectic doesn’t mean anything you can add here, and here are some tips to get the eclectic living room design right!


What is an eclectic interior style?

Eclectic is an interior trend that emerged around the 19th and 20th centuries. This style blends historical styles from earlier times to build something new and original. In architecture and interior design, this style includes building structures, furniture, motifs, decorations, ornaments and traditional cultural motifs or styles from other countries. Eclectic emerged in the 19th century because designers at that time wanted to find new styles that no one had ever seen before. Until now, the elective is still popular because it combines various styles which ultimately provide a lot of inspiration with freedom of expression.


The hallmarks and characteristics of the eclectic style

As we know, the eclectic style does not adhere to one particular style. Of course, this design is created by mixing and matching several types of interior styles into one more focused theme. However, the eclectic style still has its own characteristics which anyone can recognize when they see it for the first time. Here are some eclectic design styles and characters so you don’t get lost.

1. A mix of classic and modern styles

The hallmark of the eclectic style unites different time periods into one special style. You can mix a variety of classic and modern decorations and designs to create its own aesthetic value.

2. Use of functional furniture

Eclectic living rooms tend to use furniture that prioritizes functionality without compromising value and aesthetics. This eclectic interior concept combines vintage and modern furniture such as an antique table placed next to a modern soft sofa. Then, the materials used in the eclectic house design are iron, embroidered cloth, satin and velvet.

3. As a focal point

Even though it consists of many styles, an eclectic living room must still look neat and orderly. This style features focal points that come from various elements. For example, the placement of works of art in the form of paintings, classic framed photos, to a large vintage-style wall clock. You can find out what to focus on in the eclectic design in the living room when setting up the room layout.

If you are interested in this style, here we have collected a variety of eclectic living room designs for you to apply at home!




















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