10 Cool Ways To Make Football Themed Bedrooms

Are you a big fan of sports, especially football? In fact, you never miss almost all matches, until at some point you collect your favorite player’s jersey? If so, maybe this is the right time to realize a bedroom design that suits your hobby. There is never a doubt when it comes to adding a football theme when planning how this décor will look cool. You can start with simple things or decor elements that you like the most, such as replacing carpet with fake grass, changing walls like a football field with wallpaper, or placing a ball-shaped chandelier.

Today I want to focus on the theme of football but it can be loved by all ages. Not only children because football has always been everyone’s favorite, from adults to even parents. Realistically a football themed bedroom should be able to stand the test of time, not look monotonous let alone childish with excessive decoration. Here are ten bedroom ideas with a football theme that I’m sure you and your kids will love. Scroll down and find out how easy it is to bring stadium excitement to your room!

1. Football wallpaper walls are a handy way to get a sports theme in just a few minutes.


2. Display your various collections of valuable balls on the bedroom wall, some of which may have the signature of your favorite player.


3. Replace the usual room rug with a grass or football-themed rugs. The floor area will now become the favorite playground for every family member at home.


4. This bed with a ruler-shaped canopy has a unique look but still has a thick football feel.


5. In addition to wallpaper walls, take advantage of the ceiling to get a football themed bedroom.


6. This desk with a football theme is not only cool but also functional because it is equipped with a drawer that holds many items.


7. This ball-shaped pendant lamp has a cool masculine appearance, making it suitable for a teenage boy’s room or a boy’s room.


8. Create a cool football themed wall storage idea. Place various collections of photos, shoes, and sports equipment that are easily accessible at any time.


9. It doesn’t have to be complicated to get your dream football themed bedroom. Simply use a bedding set with a football theme and then mix it with a matching themed color on the curtains or walls.


10. Football fans must have a large collection of jerseys for their favorite players. Now, you can display it in a cooler way by using photo frames or mirror frames.


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