How To Make Cheerful Family Room With Colorful Accents


Accent colors and patterns in the living room will make the room more cheerful, but if you inject too much color, the results will not be as expected. The family room will look full, untidy, and of course dazzling. Maybe you don’t like the minimalist style, and it’s not wrong to brighten up the atmosphere of the room by adding a few or a lot of colors at once in the family room. But keep in mind there are some tricks you have to do so that the appearance of the room still looks cozy and beautiful.

Today I want to show you a collection of living rooms with bright accent colors, from wall paints, furniture, to room accessories. Its location, which is often the main center at home, looks inviting with bold color play. You can make it a comfortable family room or convert it into a living room as needed. Here are some ways that might be useful for decorating the family room to appear colorful. Let’s see!


Pair with a neutral color

If you want to change all the furniture or accessories with bright colors, try mixing them with neutral colors so they don’t feel full. For example, wall accessories or decorative displays look chic against white walls, or colorful furniture stays comfortable with natural wood floors. Choose a color that suits your style and personality so that the atmosphere of the room feels comfortable, no matter how much you mix colors, it must be your favorite color.


Unobtrusive wall paint

A colorful family room sometimes makes the room feel cramped. The solution, you have to neutralize it with the right choice of wall paint. Try to avoid thick wall paint colors like yellow, red, or darker ones. Instead, choose wall paint in neutral colors like white, gray, even soft pastel colors are welcome. This neutral wall paint also gives a warmer feel than light colors.


Blend patterns

To make your colorful room stand out, mix in the right patterns, such as adding rugs, cushions, or textiles that warm the atmosphere. Also pay attention to the shape and size of the pattern that you will use, the right use of large and small patterns will provide a unique contrast to the family room.


Get the right theme

A colorful family room is usually synonymous with bohemian style. However, if you’re in doubt about choosing the right d├ęcor, something with plaits, feathers, and metal can never go wrong. Fleece accents on chairs or spread over rugs will both draw attention and add comfort. Meanwhile, woven furniture such as rattan chairs and tables gives an aesthetic impression to the living room. If you prefer a retro style, metallic trim will give the room some texture, while still keeping it clean and warm.

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