22 Aesthetic Scandinavian Bathroom Designs For Relaxing


The bathroom design must be carefully designed. Even though this area is usually small in size, the bathroom is the most personal area in the house so the design applied must also fulfill elements of comfort and aesthetics. Adding a theme to your bathroom is the most effective way to make your dream bathroom a reality. In this regard, Scandinavian decorations are our favorite because they are calm, peaceful, and able to create a relaxing atmosphere.

The bathroom is not only a place to clean ourselves, this area can also be used as a place to relax where we want to rest after a long day. Today I have collected a lot of beautiful, minimalist, elegant, modern Scandinavian bathroom inspiration, even with a natural touch. If you are interested in changing your bathroom to be more relaxed and calming, check out some tips and how to bring Scandinavian style to your bathroom!

Scandinavian bathroom color scheme

Color is the first thing we see when displaying any space theme. For a Scandinavian bathroom, the color scheme can feel neutral with traditional shades like black and white, gray, navy, and some splashes of bolder neutrals. Even though it is dominated by muted colors, the Scandinavian bathroom feels more beautiful because it mixes natural accents such as wooden decorations and furniture. In addition, a mixture of wood and natural stone elements can give a warm feel. Add indoor plants that change the bathroom to feel more comfortable to bring a spa at home.


Nature inspired material

Scandinavian bathrooms feel more respectful of their surroundings by featuring lots of natural materials. From tiles, white or ordinary concrete, brick tiles, natural stones, and of course the wood elements that never go out of style. Add woven rugs or roll mats, tree stumps as tables, cabinets and benches and opt for a minimalist sink for an elegant look. Decorate a Scandinavian bathroom with aesthetic touches like wicker baskets and boxes for extra storage in the bathroom.


Scandinavian bathroom décor

Decorating a Scandinavian style bathroom is not as easy as you think so far. This style adheres to minimalist accents and patterns with a mixture of natural materials such as wood and natural stone, even placing a few ornamental plants is also great to emphasize the Scandinavian style. Can you display any theme that can match the Scandinavian style, whether it’s minimalist, modern, rustic, farmhouse, to a boho look? Basically this style is made easy to blend with any style. Finally, don’t forget comfortable textiles and towels to make the bathroom feel more relaxing.

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