November 30, 2022

Cozy And Refresh, This 7 Wall Paint Ideas For Living Room

Painting the walls is one of the easiest ways to beautify the interior. In addition, adding certain wall paint colors can liven up the atmosphere, maintain the mood, and create a theme into the room. Some wall paint colors are believed to make the house feel cool, for example you can choose bright colors that can reflect heat and make the room temperature feel cooler.

Nowadays, many people often ignore the choice of wall paint, and among the many rooms in the house, the living room may be the one that attracts attention. This area is not only used to receive guests but is also the first display that people see when they come to your home. To create a comfortable living room design, you should avoid choosing dark wall paint, this color does tend to absorb heat. Then what color paint the walls can make the living room feel fresher? Here we summarize 7 wall paint ideas for living room that you should know!

1. Blue Color


Blue symbolizes the sky and things that are refreshing. That is why, you can choose blue as the first choice for the living room paint color. In addition, adding blue will make the room feel more spacious, create a calm feel, and give a positive mood.

2. Green Color


If you like a natural look for your living room, then green might be the one for you. Green is synonymous with plants and the impression of nature is refreshing. Try applying green on the walls of the room to give a feeling of peace and feel more homey, and is believed to relieve stress.

3. Gray Color


Gray is one of a series of neutral colors, this color can reflect heat so that it makes the living room feel cooler and creates a calm atmosphere. Pair it with matching color furniture and add a Scandinavian touch for a minimalist style.

4. Light Brown Color


The choice of a soft light brown color will create a calm, warm, and comfortable atmosphere. In addition, this color includes a bright color that symbolizes life so that it has a positive impact on the room.

5. Pink Blush Color


Love the feminine interior style? Try choosing a pink blush color that makes the room look brighter and adorable. This interior is suitable for you with a feminine personality, presenting a more relaxed and calming atmosphere. Pink blush can be combined with modern furniture or gallery walls that will liven up the atmosphere.

6. White Color


White is a timeless color for any interior. Applying white will make the living room feel cooler than applying dark colors. In fact, it is common knowledge that applying white color can make the living room appear wider. Living rooms with this color scheme usually have a cooler and cooler room temperature.

7. Yellow Color


Yellow is very popular because it gives a warm and cheerful feel. Although some types of yellow are often seen as too flashy, you can combine them with other colors that neutralize the atmosphere. This color makes the living room feel fresher, cooler, and can give a broad impression to the living room.

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