February 22, 2024

22 Beautiful Summer Ideas For Outdoor Living Rooms


This is the best season for walking outside, summer is starting to feel in almost every corner of the neighborhood. I see so many neighbors also celebrating, whether it’s just relaxing on the verandah or doing some yard work. Some were busy moving soil into the backyard with wheelbarrows, others were planting flowers in pots, and still others were watering the garden and trimming some weeds. That’s why I think that while everyone is taking the time to decorate their outdoor spaces, we may all feel like we’re going to be spending a lot more time inside in the next few months.

It seems like this summer is more about backyard barbeques and small get-togethers than having to travel. For this reason, creating an outdoor living room will feel much more enjoyable. Embrace the outdoor living trend by upgrading garden spaces that harmonize with your interior. The weather right now really inspires this type of life. However, how to make your outdoor space welcoming? Here are some tips and a collection of outdoor living room pictures that will become your favorite.


Outdoor living room style

There are various living room styles that you can apply outdoors. From modern, farmhouse, boho, contemporary, Scandinavian, minimalist, or even adding a holiday vibe with a tropical accent. You can choose whatever you like.


Outdoor living room colors

It’s no different from the style of a living room that is free and according to your wishes. In choosing the color of the summer living room, it also matches your outdoor concept. There is no limit even if the room you have is small, because outside the room it will look big. The most popular colors are bright colors that symbolize the warm season, such as yellow, blue, green or neutral shades. Wood elements are welcome because they blend easily with landscaping and outdoor décor.


Outdoor living room décor

Before you start decorating your outdoor living room, first decide whether it is a roof-top or completely open? But adding shade or building it under trees is highly recommended as it blocks out too much sun. Then create a layout, choose suitable outdoor furniture including sofas, chairs, benches, chairlifts and tables for storage. Other decorations can be extras to make enjoying the great outdoors more comfortable, put a coffee table, rug, lantern, cushions, and a fireplace or at least a fire pit that will keep your living room warm at night. Get more outdoor living room ideas of your choice below!



















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