20 Minimalist IKEA Vittsjo Table Ideas For Workspace


Now the workspace is very dominant as part of the room at home. As the internet continues to advance, work can be done anywhere, and not a few people choose to spend their time just working from home. The comfort of your workspace is of course supported by the right furniture, and a desk is one of the most important elements for getting your dream home office.

We are sure that most of you are familiar with IKEA Vittsjö laptop table. This is one of the coolest IKEA products to make a workspace look minimalist. Having a size that is not too big, this table is very practical to be placed in any area in the house. Do you want to place it in a special work space or blend with other rooms such as the living room and bedroom.

IKEA Vittsjö table gives you more decoration options, from minimalist, modern, Scandivian or mix it up with an eclectic style. Here are some Vittsjö table inspirations that will make your work even more enjoyable!


IKEA Vittsjö Table In Minimalist Style

Consists of straight and simple metal lines that give the furniture a graphic touch thereby bringing a modern touch to your décor. The glass base is complemented by glass which creates a light and airy impression, IKEA Visttsjö table is perfect for those of you who are young and simple at heart, but still want the comfort of a work desk. The table legs can be adjusted to avoid uneven floor surfaces, while there is a small shelf inside to store some of the things you need. Its minimalist design and not too big make this table very suitable to be applied to the corner of a room, small space, and even blends with other rooms in the house.









Vittsjö Office Table Hack

There are many ways to make Vittsjö table look more attractive. You can paint the metal frame, replace the glass table top with another material, or you can add a base for extra storage space. Although the Vittsjo table was originally designed for work, there have been many creative people who have turned it into a piece of furniture that is no less useful. For example, you can use it as a dresser, console table, TV unit or even turn it into a cool home bar cart. This hack is very popular because Vittsjö has several storage spaces and you can add whatever you want. Get more inspiration and make your cozy workspace or transform your Vittsjö into something different!











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