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42 Natural Home Office Design That Bring More Spirits

They say working at home is more comfortable than we have to work in the office or outside. There are no job demands, no boss must be angry or have to work according to company regulatory hours. Even though in fact it is absolutely not true, for

20 Feminine Glass Desks for Modern Workspaces

Adding glamor and modern glamor to workspace can be done by choosing the right furniture, especially if you are a woman who works and want a room that suits your personality. Office space can be made more feminine with glass desks,

Modern Office Interior With Indoor Plants

Rules Architect has completed their modern office interior with natural living plants incorporate creative ways to divide the space. The office was named Rules Studio located in Bratislava, Slovakia is in development utilizing optimal use of floor space. Rectangular space is divided into three units with ten

20 Modern Workspace For Refresh Your Offices

The desk can not be separated from workspace because from desk all magic happens. Do you pursue a job at home or need a comfortable place to learn, this is collection of modern workspace that has flexibility when it comes to office design. The ideal workspace should

10 Cool And Modern Workspace For Teenage Boys

There is little difference between teenage boys bedroom and adult males, usually adolescent males are more fond of experimenting to put anything in their bedroom. With their desire to have everything in their room, even workspace are also placed in the bedroom. That is how teens want