Viva Magenta: 2023 Color Trends That Will Brighten Your Day


Brighten your days with a variety of uplifting bright colors. Purplish red, reddish pink, that’s Viva Magenta. So, who would have thought that this year Pantone would set the Viva Magenta color which would be the design trend for the following season. Magenta can be a great choice if you are adding warmth and cheer to a room, giving it a bold and lively feel.

Psychologically, the color Magenta gives a feeling of courage, joy and optimism. This color trend will become a hit as a reference for creating interior designs, graphic designs, and fashion styles that are relatable to the times.

However, because the color magenta still feels foreign to many people, especially when applying it to interior styles. Here are some tips and inspiration to make your room look brighter with Viva Magenta!


Viva Magenta: Pantone color 2023

According to Pantone 18 – 1750 Viva Magenta is a bright red color that promotes optimism and joy. “It’s a transformative color that can drive design to create a more positive future.”A color that’s also bold, playful, and inclusive”. Pantone 18 – 1750 Viva Magenta will welcome everyone with the same rebellious spirit. Viva Magenta is a blend of deep red with a base tone that balances warm and cool. But the color trends of 2023 are also hybrid colors that stretch comfortably across the physical and virtual worlds.







Viva Magenta color trend in interior design

As we already know, Viva Magenta is a bright color that cannot be added in large quantities, especially in interior designs. So, using it at the ideal size will make the room look extraordinary. That’s why when you want to decorate your home with Viva Magenta, try to focus on details such as one piece of furniture, a wall, a painting, candles, cushions, a vase, and many more. If you want to transform an entire room with this color, make sure you choose a specific piece as a focal point, for example a furniture set or a wall that adds depth and a lot of style. Enjoy!











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