Floating retreat: Cliff Camping In Sharjah’s Mountains By Ardh Architects


Ardh Architects based in Saudi Arabia have successfully designed a Floating Retreat. This is a hanging pod that is the escape for those of you who want a serenity that combines the excitement of outdoor adventure with the comfort and luxury of a modern lodge. Situated in the mountains of Sharjah, seen from afar this retreat looks like a cluster of transparent prism pods suspended in the middle of a rocky mountain range reminiscent of the challenging practice of cliff camping.

While every guest is pampered with all the comforts inside, the retreat also provides an opportunity to get involved in the local culture by taking part in various activities which include resting, exploring, climbing, and traveling.

In partnership with Shurooq, Sharjah Investment and Development Authority, the retreat aims to revive local tourism and increase environmental awareness by providing spaces for people to get closer to nature while learning about its rich culture and heritage.


Facilities in the hanging pod

Despite being in a remote location, this hanging pod is designed to be very safe and comfortable for guests to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Each pod is equipped with all the necessary amenities for a secluded retreat in cozy and luxury while still offering the excitement of camping in nature. Inside, guests will be spoiled with natural views of the enchanting Sharjah mountains, you will arrive at the top using a hanging pod which also functions as an elevator to the top.




An extraordinary stay

In addition to the experience of staying in nature, guests can also participate in various local activities provided. The floating retreats try to offer an opportunity to explore the natural beauty of Sharjah’s mountains by taking part in mountain hikes, wadi trips, or cycling while enjoying the natural scenery. Immerse yourself in the local culture and support the economy, guests can also taste local dishes and shop for souvenirs at the retail space around the place to stay.



architect: Ardh Architects

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