December 1, 2022

20 Natural IKEA Bed Frames With Tarva And Malm


Furniture is the most important thing to support your comfort in the bedroom. In addition to being the most private area, the bedroom also functions as a place to rest to do activities that you like. In this case the bed is the main piece of furniture that you should have in the bedroom. So, first you have to pay attention to comfort then other factors such as the design or shape of the ideal bed.

A good bed should be able to provide quality sleep for its owner. However, that doesn’t mean you have to ignore the design and shape of the bed you want. For those of you who want a bed design that is comfortable, warm, and even timeless, the wooden bed collection from IKEA is worthy of consideration. Featuring Tarva and Malm bed frames that you can apply to any style of space. Curious what it looks like and how to apply it to your bedroom? Find inspiration for IKEA wooden beds that will make your bedroom more modern and elegant.

IKEA Tarva Bed


Tarva beds are one of our favorite IKEA collections. If you like a minimalist or even Scandinavian look, then the Tarva bed is the best choice. It has a minimalist design made of pine wood without a coating, making the appearance of this bed look natural.

There are a choice of wood colors, from light brown and thick wood textures, you can make the bedroom feel warmer and more natural. Combine with white, gray, black, terracotta bed linen to add to your comfort in bed. This Tarva bed design is easy to match with a variety of other styles and furnishings.









IKEA Malm Bed

Want a solid bed look without giving it a monotonous stiff appearance? Maybe you can choose a Malm bed from IKEA. This bed is made of solid wood veneer with a light yellowish brown color. However, you can also hack it with various other color choices such as black or white for a minimalist style.

Measuring 209 cm long and 135 cm wide, the Malm bed can be used as a stand-alone bed or combined with the headboard against the wall. In addition, the Malm bed also has space underneath for you to add a storage box. This wooden bed will look natural if you combine it with white bed linen.











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