25 Stylish Scandinavian Interior Design You’re Must Know


For those who like a minimalist, warm, and friendly interior style, the Scandinavian style can be the main choice. The Scandinavian interior concept is one of the most popular contemporary design styles. A simple look combined with a modern look, and more relying on function makes this interior style one of the best in the world. In addition, usually the furniture used in the design of this room also prioritizes function without losing the aesthetic impression, beautiful, simple, and clean are the characteristics of Scandinavian design.

The Scandinavian style or also known as the Nordic style is part of the development of interior design in the 1950s. Appreciate and display elements from various crafts without having to lose the elegant look of the room. Currently, many designers recommend this Scandinavian style, especially for small houses or minimalist interiors that are present following the developments and lifestyles of today’s urban areas.

But, what exactly is a Scandinavian interior? And how to apply it to the room you have? In fact, you can easily recognize a Scandinavian-style interior, and today I want to try to inspire you with some tips and features!


Neutral color with open space

Every Scandinavian-style room usually has a bright color and is more dominantly neutral, such as white, gray, or brown. White is usually the most dominating color in Scandinavian interior concepts and then combined with soft light colors. These bright shades create a lot of open space in the interior. This style displays more natural lighting such as large windows, open walls, skylights, and others. The presence of large openings allows natural light and fresh air to enter the room, making the room more comfortable.


Simple furniture that emphasizes function

Scandinavian furniture has a natural characteristic, often made of wood and prioritizes function. Starting from sofas, tables, chairs, to cabinets, it looks a little bit of a modern mid-century appearance. With a concept that puts forward function, Scandinavian furniture offers practical and visually appealing solutions.


Warm interior flooring

Another characteristic of this style is that it displays a simple and simple style, as seen from the floor design which prioritizes comfort over luxury. Wooden floors with natural colors or more using white are the most common floor design choices. This is useful for getting lighting in the entire room, making it look wider, and serves to warm the room in winter. Wood is a warm and comfortable flooring material.


Use of indoor plants

Like most modern minimalist interior styles, Scandinavian style also features indoor plants which are useful for getting a natural impression in dominant neutral colors. This combination will produce a unique, fresh decoration, and make the room look more relaxed. If you happen to be a lover of ornamental plants, then the Scandinavian interior style will be difficult for you to resist.

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