20 Aesthetic Divider Ideas For A Japandi Makeover

japandi sliding door and room divider

Japandi is widely known as part of the modern interior style. This style combines Scandinavian and Japanese design, Japandi is definitely always the best choice that is easy to apply in any room. So, is there a particular reason why these two look so amazing when combined? As we know, the distance between the two countries involved in the design is certainly several miles apart. If we investigate further, the two are actually related in the sense of using simple and minimalist designs while still respecting craftsmanship and nature.

There are so many rooms that can be inspired by Japandi, from the living room, bedroom, kitchen, family room, even bathroom, and one of the easiest ways to embrace Japandi is to install a Japandi room divider. Apart from its minimalist style, Japandi is also known as an interior style that applies an open concept. That is why the use of walls is minimized, which means you have to be smart in dividing the space. The presence of Japandi partitions is a solution that provides a stylish and aesthetic appearance, this room divider not only makes it easy for you to separate the functions of each room but also emphasizes the Japandi impression.

modern japandi style room divider

Why the Japandi interior style?

Basically, Japandi style is a style that perfectly combines Scandinavian comfort with Asian sophistication. It is the result of a fine blend of comfort and simple sophistication. This style is easy to apply as part of your home, and can even add interest and appeal to your room. This is possible just by changing the color palette of the room. You can also choose to make complex changes by redoing the entire layout. The advantage of Japandi style is that it combines the minimalist ideals of Asians and the warm comfort that Westerners bring.

One thing to note about the Japandi style is that it is usually suitable for living rooms, but keep in mind that you can also apply a similar theme in other parts of your home, such as the bedroom, kitchen, dining room, or bathroom. As we know, Japandi design produces a harmonious combination that is able to create a peaceful, serene and calming atmosphere. Another important fact about this style is that it tends to create a sense of separateness in each space. It does so without sacrificing an open floor plan. You can add a Japandi room divider to help you achieve this as it provides visual separation while ensuring the flow of air or light is not obstructed.

minimalist wood japandi room dividers

Japandi room divider

Japandi room dividers come in a variety of shapes, for example sliding panels made from natural materials, such as wood or bamboo. However, there are also room dividers made of shoji screen. One of the advantages of the Japandi room divider is that it not only serves as a functional part, it also gives your room a more aesthetic appeal. If you want to use a Japandi room divider for your home, you should base your choice on important factors, such as material type, texture, color palette and size. This is necessary to ensure that your choice matches the type of look and aesthetic you want to ultimately achieve. Japandi’s minimalist and sophisticated design features, as well as the ability to provide privacy while allowing plenty of light to flow through your living space, gives you the comfort that the space will be functional and attractive to look at.

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