23 Stylish Scandinavian Room Ideas For Boys

scandinavian boys bedroom with bunk bed

Boys usually like simple and minimalist rooms. Like Scandinavian style which may look cold, but actually it’s not because of the many accessories so it looks very cozy. This style is world famous and very popular, from relaxed to calming, stylish and not too formal and easy to combine with various other decoration styles. If you are looking for the best boy’s room ideas, this style is definitely worth considering and choosing the Scandi design that best suits their personality.

The characteristic of this room is its color scheme, neutral and white are often very dominant. You can also add black, green, brown, gray, and many other colors to give a calm atmosphere. To present a variety of styles, you can even add decorative elements such as a little wood, industrial furniture or retro accessories. While some boys’ rooms may have a vintage feel, this can include a gender neutral style with a calming color palette. Find more Scandinavian styles for boys below and choose your own ideas!

small scandinavian boys room with bookcase

Color Scheme

As we already know, all neutral colors are suitable for Scandinavian rooms. For example white, cream, and brown for a calming look. You can also choose black, white and gray for a monochromatic room and add a dramatic feel to the boy’s room. If dark colors look too gloomy, choose pastel colors to freshen up the look of the room. In addition to neutral wall colors, other elements such as bedding, curtains, accessories and rugs can provide many benefits. In addition, wood with various patterns will also add color and texture.

stylish scandinavavian boy room with music theme


Choosing furniture really determines comfort in a Nordic room. So, remember what style best suits your child’s personality. Is it boho, rustic, or minimalist? Consider these styles and choose the most comfortable bed for his rest. The easiest way is you can also add IKEA furniture to include a real Nordic feel. This is the best example of Scandinavian style and hack it to your liking. Matte black, gray and white furniture adds stylish stained pieces to soften the look. Apart from that, add bedside tables in a variety of looks, you can also place several sideboards, and other storage units that are easy to reach for children. A wall lamp and some string lights will warm up the atmosphere, and a Nordic rug will add coziness.

grey scandinavian boys room with wall mounted bookshelf

Accessories and D├ęcor

You can add all kinds of art, refreshing green plants, rugs, bookshelves, and other accessories that will liven up your Scandinavian bedroom making it much more comfortable than before. When decorating a Nordic bedroom, brighten it up with pastel textiles and prints, complementing it with some pretty decorations like wall decals, a layered rug, and matching curtains for more coziness. Artwork is also a great decorative element, especially if your child is a little artist who loves to show off his art. The Nordic decoration options are endless, you can add any touch such as rustic, glam, boho, modern, farmhouse, and so on. Please scroll down and find more inspiration!

scandinavian boys playroom with teepee

teen boys bedroom with scandinavian style

minimalist scandinavian boys bedroom design

adorable boys bedroom with scandinavian accents

rustic scandinavian kids room ideas

stylist scandinavian kids room design

simple scandinavian boys bedroom decor

boho and scandi boys room decoration

mint scandinavian boys bedroom decor

scandinavian boys room with banner ideas

white scandinavian boys room decor

scandinavian boys room with canopy bed

scandi style boys room with open closet

dark scandinavian boys room with open window

nordic style boys room ideas

attic scandinavian room ideas for boys

cozy scandinavian boys bedroom with string light and bookshelf

modern nordic boys room ideas

fresh scandinavian boys room with nature inspired

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