November 30, 2022

23 Aesthetic Flower Vases Ideas To Beautify The Room


So far, we know that vases are only a place to place a flower or flower, even though the right choice of vase can also make a room more beautiful. Despite its relatively small size, the presence of a flower vase can actually give a bright color and a different atmosphere to the room. In addition to their beautiful appearance, flowers and vases are part of the decoration elements that are quite simple and not too expensive.

However, choosing a flower vase cannot be done carelessly, especially for those of you who want to create a more aesthetic home appearance. Moreover, nowadays there are many vase designs with unusual materials and shapes, although some of these vase ideas you can make yourself at home. From glass flower vases to unique clay vases, here are some tips to make it easier for you to choose the right vase.

What shape of the vase do you like, and how do you arrange it to match the concept of the room? Check this out!


Choosing a Vases Size

The first thing you have to do is of course choose the size of the vase that you need. This includes the height and width of the vase, then where to place it. Don’t be too short or too tall, so make sure you choose a vase size that fits the flower stalk or arrangement.


Vase Shapes And Models

Before you decide on a suitable vase design, know first that choosing the shape of a flower pot will affect the entire look of your flowers. That is why, you need to choose a vase design that matches the characteristics of the flower. Today there are many vases to choose from, including round, geometric, square, trumpet, and many more. This will make it easier for you to determine the most suitable vase design.


Vase Colors And Materials

In addition to the attractive design, the choice of vase color is certainly a consideration when choosing a flower vase. If you want to display your favorite flower colors, a vase with neutral accents like white, brown or black is the best choice because it gives a minimalist impression.

Furthermore, the material of the vase also determines the beauty of the room. Starting from plastic, glass, wood, to clay. Each of these vase materials has its own beauty. So, you only need to choose a material that fits your interior style.

Check out more aesthetic flower vase inspiration below!




















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