10 Bright And Spacious Bathroom Ideas With Glass Blocks

The bathroom is the only room in the house that has the smallest size. However, this area is no less important than the area you have at home. One of the best ways to make your bathroom feel cozy is to maximize natural lighting. In addition to making your bath time more enjoyable, natural light makes even the smallest room feel more spacious.

In addition to adding air ventilation and windows, now you can choose a variety of glass blocks for the bathroom. Not only does it make your bathroom filled with natural light, glass block ideas in the bathroom also make the room look more aesthetic. Glass blocks are perfect for those of you who like minimalist designs with neutral color accents. Although it is possible that glass blocks can also be combined with bright accents and bold colors, this material still makes the bathroom feel more natural and spacious.

Then what is the right way to choose a glass block in the bathroom that suits your home? Instead of getting curious, here we have collected some ideas for displaying glass blocks that will enhance the appearance of your bathroom. Check it out!

1. Clear glass blocks combined with an aesthetic bathroom design look contrasting but charming.


2. The bathroom corner which is usually dark and stuffy now looks brighter. The use of glass blocks in the corner of the room is a smart way to get around a narrow space.


3. Built-in storage is the most practical way to add a storage unit in a small bathroom. Illuminate by adding glass blocks that provide natural lighting.


4. For those of you who like glamorous and unusual bathroom designs, glass blocks are a great addition to complement it.


5. Try to blur the line between indoor and outdoor. You can make a glass block shower wall that seems to be connected to the outside.


6. There is nothing better than combining a glass block wall with a minimalist bathroom design. Looks clean, tidy, and spacious.


7. In addition to providing extra lighting, glass block walls can also be a stylish storage shelf. Glue the shelf or rare at the bottom of the glass block wall.


8. The bathroom is not too spacious but has an elongated design, making it easier for all activities. In order not to feel stuffy, you can add a glass block wall at the end of the area.


9. Multiple patterns and colors of glass blocks are combined to produce a modern bathroom look.


10. Not only modern and minimalist style, you can also place glass blocks in the bathroom to create a vintage impression. Add chandeliers and storage cabinets in a matching style.


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