20 Aesthetic Bath Mat Ideas To Keep Your Mood


Bring color and a fun atmosphere to the bathroom by choosing a bright and cheerful mat. Although it is often overlooked, choosing a bath mat is very important so that it does not slip easily when you use it. The bathroom is the most slippery area in the house. In addition to being often exposed to water splashes, this area is also classified as humid because the room is small and closed. The bath mat not only helps you avoid unwanted things, such as falling or slipping, but also adds to the beauty of your bathroom.

Before you decide to choose a bath mat, it’s a good idea to first know the materials and characteristics of the bath mat. In contrast to dry mats, there are some materials that are specifically made for use in the bathroom. From abstract themes to animals, there are various forms of bath mats that you can choose from. Please scroll down and get inspired!


Choosing a bathroom mat material

Currently there are several types of materials that are often used for bath mats. There is a cotton mat with a soft material so it can absorb water well. In addition, there is also a mat with a microfiber material that has the ability to absorb water faster than cotton, making the floor less slippery. Another idea, you can choose a bathroom mat made of PVC with a harder material character and has an anti-slip function, or a mat made of diatomite which is hard, easy to clean, and has excellent water absorption.


Adjust the motif and size of the bath mat

Before you decide to choose the right bath mat, of course, first make sure what size your bathroom is so that the mat does not make the room feel full. Choosing a bath mat product must be in accordance with the size of your bathroom so that it is more effective and doesn’t actually cause a mess.

Besides determining the size, motif or shape of the bathroom, it is also very important to improve the aesthetics of the room. In order to look harmonious, make sure you place a bath mat that fits the bathroom concept, is it boho, minimalist, or modern? all decisions are in your hands.


Choose a bath mat that is easy to clean

Finally, choose a bath mat that is easy to clean. The use of mats in the bathroom often makes it dirty quickly. That’s why so you don’t have to worry about choosing a mat with a material that easily dissolves dirt, even just spraying it with water. Choose a darker color of the mat so it doesn’t get dirty easily. The darker color of the mat is proven not to get dirty quickly so you don’t have to clean it every day. Check out some of our other favorite bath mat inspirations below!

















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