20 Scandinavian Christmas Bedroom Design You’ll Love


A few more weeks before we celebrate Christmas. I think the whole house should be decorated for Christmas, not even just a room where you invite guests or have a meal with your family. The bedroom is also the best place to give a Christmas touch. If you happen to like minimalist holiday decor, then these Scandinavian bedroom decorating ideas will inspire you. To feel the holiday spirit since waking up, you don’t have to over-decorate. There are so many convenient ways to choose from, one of which is to add a beautiful and soothing Scandinavian accent.

You can follow the nordic way of decorating and give it a little holiday touch everywhere you like. Scandinavian bedrooms feature a decor that includes minimalism, does not require a lot of color and ornamentation but is very comfortable when you are asleep or awake. It should be very warm with the appeal of neutral colors, soft textiles, and maybe some dim lighting to make your rest even more relaxing.

Here are our favorite Scandinavian Christmas bedroom decorating ideas! Let’s start with some simple tips for finding the most comfortable nordic bedroom for Christmas!


Scandinavian Christmas bedroom decoration

The easiest way to get a Christmas theme into your bedroom is to place a Christmas tree or Christmas wreath. For a Scandinavian accent, choose a medium-sized or small Christmas tree that doesn’t take up much space in the room. You can put them on the floor or on the table. They make the bedroom feel truly Christmas! Several common themes are very popular for Scandinavian Christmas bedrooms. From white stars on the walls, white candles, knitted blankets, string lights, to a beautiful mini Christmas tree. All Scandinavian Christmas decorations are easy to install and won’t cost you a lot of money because of their minimalistic appearance.








Give a Scandinavian touch to the bedroom

Scandinavian style is synonymous with neutral colors, soft textiles, minimalist furniture, and the right use of lighting. That is why, the Scandinavian Christmas bedroom feels very comfortable despite the lack of features and colors. This bedroom design is best suited for minimalist holiday decorations. Textiles are probably the easiest way to make your room feel cool and beautiful. Pick up some knitted blankets, neutral colored sheets, pillows, or knitted items to complement the Scandinavian style.

Another idea, you can add soft lighting such as candles or string lights. This lighting idea is best suited for a Scandinavian Christmas bedroom as it creates a super comfortable feeling anywhere. Hang some greenery above the bed, a decorative wall display, or a flower vase on the bedside table. Find more ideas below and have fun!











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