20 Cool And Modern Bathroom Curtain Ideas


Most people think that installing shower curtains is not very useful. The reason is, the bathroom is a closed area so you don’t need to set a curtain there anymore. Curtains are usually only used for bathrooms that have a shower or tub. Its main function is so that the water used when bathing does not wet the floor area or other furniture.

Some people do use the bathroom not only an area to clean the body. For a small bathroom, functional design and arrangement is very important to overcome space constraints. From the toilet, to the sink, to placing plants in the room, bathroom curtains play an important role in dividing every inch of the room. In addition, placing a bathroom curtain is also useful for adding to the aesthetic value and beauty of your bathroom.

Before you decide to install a bathroom curtain that best suits your bathroom style, you should first know some of the following decorating tips and examples!


Choose the right curtain material

It is important for you to know the curtain material that will be used for the bathroom. For example, you can choose curtains that are made of vinyl, cotton, polyester, cotton to water-resistant plastic. Although each material has its own advantages and disadvantages, it is highly recommended to use vinyl and plastic because there are many beautiful color variants and motifs.


Make sure the bathroom curtain can last a long time

In choosing a bathroom curtain, the durability factor is important because it can save a lot of budget. A bathroom curtain that has a thicker thickness will make it less prone to damage. Of course you don’t want the shower curtain to only be used for a short time? That is why you have to really think about the material you want to use.


Adjust according to the size of the bathroom

An often overlooked but very important thing is that you need to adjust the curtains to the size of the bathroom. So, make sure you measure in advance in the bathroom and which part you want to install the curtain. If you miscalculate just a little, it will damage the beauty and reduce the aesthetic impression of your bathroom.


Determine the desired motif and color

Finally, choose the curtains that best suit the style you want to display. You can start by determining what motifs and colors you like best or represent your personality. Do you like floral motifs? Minimalist? or an alluring modern touch? You can mix and match the motifs and colors with the bathroom floor or walls.

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