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27 Outdoor Shower Design Ideas For Sweet Summer

Apart from swimming and bathing, showering time of hot days is fun. Maybe this is the time for you to venture out of your comfort zone, and start making some decorations that you have never thought of before. Outdoor showers provide more fun for the summer, and

25 Simple Garden Ideas in The Bathroom

Gardening is one of the fun activities we can do at home, but unfortunately not everyone has plenty of outside space or time to care for the garden. The idea of the garden in this room is the best way with the same advantages and saving energy,

15 Most Cutest Bathroom for Fun Kids Bath

Taking children to bathe sometimes becomes very difficult, especially if they are preoccupied with a thing, it can really make the parents confused should be how else so that children are always excited every time bathing time. One of the best way around that is to redecorate

10 Finding Nemo Themed Bathroom For Kids

Children are always full of imagination, so as a parent you need to support them create the world they want that is full of joy, happiness, and dreams. It is also influential in their room, including the bathrooms that need attention when we talk about the child’s

15 Minimalist Japanese Bathroom With Zen Elements

Since the first Japanese is known for its minimalist style, clean and contain zen elements, it also makes the bathroom design is much in demand by many people. Now you do not need much to change an ordinary bathroom into a more Japanese style, just take a