15 Vertical Bookshelf Ideas To Get Space-Saving

Are you a person who likes to read books? Even have a huge collection of books that somehow creates books that roam everywhere? Maybe you think having a bookshelf can solve all your problems. In fact, you will always find books out of place whether on the table, under the bed, or in any unexpected area. The solution is you can make your books as part of the room decoration. Not only placing it on a bookshelf or cupboard, but really blending into the interior.

Vertical bookshelf ideas will be practical storage space and don’t take up much space. If you happen to have limited space, this is an easy solution and can be done in just a few minutes. Placing books vertically is especially effective for small spaces, arranging them in alphabetical order or according to size. Of course, all the books in one place will give a neat look. Create vertical bookshelves in your living room, bedroom, corner of the room, even the smallest area of the house, then this unique storage idea will help you organize all the clutter.

Here we have collected some vertical bookshelf inspiration that you should try at home. Let’s check!

1. Arrange and stack books vertically to get more stands for your different collections. It can be ornamental plants or your favorite things.


2. Relaxing in a reading corner feels more efficient with a vertical bookshelf. You can easily find and search for your favorite books.


3. The industrial nuanced room is more complete with vertical bookshelf decorations.


4. Don’t throw away your old books. If you don’t read it anymore, try making an aesthetic shelf by stacking it vertically.


5. Not having much space to read is not an obstacle for those who are creative. In fact, you can create a mini library behind the sofa.


6. Next to a window is the best area to grow any houseplants. So, you can also add plant stands from many bookcases.


7. The hallway becomes an area that is often empty and neglected due to its narrow size. Now you can make a vertical bookshelf that not only serves as a storage area but also functions as a cabinet.


8. The built-in vertical bookshelf is perfect for those of you who like a minimalist design. This bookshelf design gives it a clean and space-saving look.


9. Take advantage of unused corners of the room for vertical bookshelves. You can make a hanging shelf attached to the wall to make it feel more unique.


10. Apart from being a vertical bookshelf, this shelf design also functions as a nightstand in the bedroom.


11. Have a habit of bedtime reading? It seems that you are obliged to imitate the design of this one bookshelf.


12. Vertical bookshelf walls are the easiest way to store space while creating an aesthetically pleasing room.


13. Any living room design will be more trendy with a vertical bookshelf. Suitable for small living rooms because it is very space efficient.


14. Not only one vertical bookshelf, you can also make more vertical bookshelves to beautify the interior appearance.


15. Relaxing while reading a book in front of the fireplace will make anyone feel comfortable. So don’t forget this area for some vertical bookshelves.


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