20 Tiny Garden Shed Ideas For Your Workspace


Currently any work can be done from home, and if by chance you do work or often bring any work at home then you must have one of these garden shed offices. It doesn’t matter whether you want to upgrade to a bigger building or you already need a garden shed to store grass and gardening tools? Consider giving your old barn new life as a workspace, lounging area, or backyard retreat.

Today I’m really excited to share more home office design ideas I found on Pinterest for our next warehouse project. I’ve gathered a lot of information for you including turning an old warehouse into a functional workspace, organized storage and some ways to make a small space feel more spacious. I’m excited to bring you along on our DIY project, and hope you can pick up workspace design ideas to bring your next garden shed to life. Let’s see!


Office Shed Exterior

You don’t have to have a large garden or backyard to build an office shed. Currently there are many office warehouse designs that are easy to apply even for narrow areas. From an office warehouse made of containers or a tiny house design that looks like a playhouse. Adjust the size of the office warehouse to the area of your outdoor space. Do you want to make it portable, or permanent? office sheds made of wood are the best choice, as they are completely eco-friendly and blend into the landscape. Meanwhile, for a modern office warehouse, try adding other elements such as iron, metal, and glass. The exterior of this office warehouse can be an illustration for you to find the best ideas.









Office Shed Interior

Being inside, the interior of an office warehouse is no less cozy than a home office in general. You don’t even need a large space to get a cool workspace. Take your office desk and chair to the warehouse, then decorate it with whatever you like. Some bookshelves, storage areas, and lighting will be all you need. The key, you just have to be smart to use every inch of the warehouse you have to turn it into a favorite workspace. In addition, doing any work in the office warehouse feels more relaxed because you feel like you are outside the room. If you’re interested, find more inspiration below!











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