20 Outdoor DIY Cardboard Playhouses For Kids


Every child dreams of having their own playhouse and that’s why they love playhouses no matter what they are. Today you can find a variety of different playhouse designs, all made of creative materials and designs. There are lots of playhouses that are beautifully designed, safe, and even look like the house we live in (although they’re mini-sized). But no matter how good a playhouse you can buy, I don’t think anything can beat a playhouse made of cardboard.

Who doesn’t love a cool cardboard box castle? or a cardboard playhouse that even kids can build? If you’ve only seen cardboard houses indoors, today we want to take them outdoors. It’s a private space where kids can have fun during the holiday season. Outdoor activities are even more fun with a cardboard playhouse with all the little details that make it look absolutely adorable. Here are some outdoor DIY cardboard playhouse ideas and easy ways to do it with the kids at home!


Practical, easy and budget-friendly

One of the reasons I love DIY cardboard projects is they literally only require zero dollars. You just need a little creativity and get the kids involved to start building your dream playhouse. Gather some cardboard scraps, glue, scissors, a ruler, and a little paint to design the playhouse or fort you want. I think all the ingredients are easy to get because they are around your house! Cardboard is a lightweight material but has a strong thickness. This material is very light so it’s easy to move wherever your little one wants to play: terrace, backyard, yard, or even the park. The park with grass is highly recommended, kids will feel like camping outdoors.









The playhouse is portable and weather-resistant

It might be a bit of an exaggeration to say that cardboard playhouses can withstand all weather conditions. However, there are many ways to overcome this, namely coating the cardboard with a special liquid so that it can survive outdoors. It doesn’t matter if it’s cold, raining or any kind of weather because you can easily move it to a protected place. Box castles and cardboard playhouses are a fun way to create an outdoor playground without breaking the bank. In addition, this playhouse can train children’s creativity, foster a social sense, and give them the freedom to realize their imagination.











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