15 Easy Ways To Repurposing Old Toys For Home Decor

Toys are a part of your little one’s life, and when it comes to decluttering toys, the easy way out is to hide them as far as possible. Before you know it, some toys may mean a lot to your child, and before you decide to throw them away, take a look at easy and creative ways to recycle toys into a part of your home decor.

Sometimes we don’t know what to do with old toys? moreover children have too many toys which often make the house messy. Making a storage area may be the best solution, but there are always small toys that are missed no matter how many times you clean them. Even if you don’t have too many toys, at some point children will outgrow their toys.

I love spending time with nostalgic crafts. These simple ways to recycle toys will bring back lots of fun old toy memories. Recycling old toys isn’t as hard as you think. They are really easy DIY projects and just require a little creativity. Amazingly, you can also invite your little one to be more creative and appreciate their old toys. Get inspired!

1. Some animal-sized toys sometimes even scare children. So, why not turn it into a unique DIY planter?


2. The fire truck toy has a ladder section that can be used as a table lamp.


3. This is the ultimate mirror of happiness from the various toys and memories that have been accumulated over the years.


4. Several types of animal toys can be used as a stylish wall hanger. From the elephant’s trunk, to the lion’s tail, to the neck of the giraffe. They are absolutely adorable.


5. An ordinary table lamp design can look cool by adding various kinds of action figure toys that seem to be part of the lamp.


6. If your child is having trouble brushing their teeth, try making a fun way with a toothbrush holder from a toy animal or dinosaur. Just drill and punch holes in the toy’s body and make it a place to store toothbrushes.


7. Stationery or office supplies are more organized with this Lego storage compartment. Make a stationery storage case out of colorful Legos.


8. This bookend looks like an integral part of an animal toy. Bookend design that entices anyone to pick up one of the books and put the separate animal body parts together.


9. Lego can basically be turned into a variety of decorative items, including this simple keychain that’s a solution for the forgetful.


10. If you have a Lego game set and it only consists of small people, don’t throw it away. Make a wall clock using Lego toys as a timepiece. Kids will definitely love it.


11. If you have too many old looking stuffed toys at home, why not turn them into pretty chair covers? Arrange assorted dolls to cover most of the chairs.


12. Who would have thought this drawer pull was made from recycled toys. Take old animal toys and spray them with gold paint to give your drawers new life.


13. Lego toys or little people are indeed the easiest to turn into any decoration, including hangers for clothes and coats with a combination of natural wood materials.


14. Animal toys seem to be the most versatile of toys, as can be seen from the lids of these decorated jars with animal toys.


15. Don’t miss a wall art made of various mini-sized toys. You just need to paint the toy and hang it with the frame.


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