TerraLamp Vintage Glass Jars with Greenery Soft Light

TerraLamp vintage glass jars

Very few lamp designs can combine a hobby with lighting. However, a multidisciplinary designer ParseError managed to change that notion with their latest collection terrarium lamp. Utilizing old container vintage glass jars for terrarium lamp is converted into a highly creative, able to accommodate cactus and plants thanks to the LED light with low temperatures. Having a shape that is already unique, glass jars into objects interior decoration, bring a touch of greenery and bathe the room with soft light. Lamp itself consists of 3D printing, glass jars, sockets, wire and LED light bulbs. Now you can always see the development of your plants collection, and it will look beautiful as a light sleeper or a comfortable work lamps.

vintage jars lamp for cactus plants


beautiful vintage glass jars light


diy TerraLamp design


double TerraLamp glass jars


TerraLamp glass jars details


large TerraLamp vintage glass jars


TerraLamp lighting ideas


TerraLamp vintage glass jars decor


TerraLamp glass jars design


TerraLamp for succulent and cactus lights


TerraLamp decor ideas

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