12 Cat Hammock Ideas For Perfect Lounge Spot

Almost all cats spend their lives just napping. Maybe that’s the reason why you often find them always active at night. If you happen to be a cat lover, you must have often seen them sleeping anywhere which sometimes even makes a mess. Our furry friends like to look for inconspicuous places to nap, so you often find their fur sticking up where it shouldn’t. Starting from pillows, blankets, sweaters, or most often is clean laundry, it’s not counting how many you find cats in any area of the house.

As a kind cat owner, there’s nothing wrong with making a comfortable cat hammock. With a few DIY projects you can make your beloved cat happy. Grab some simple equipment near you, a few scraps of fabric, knitwear, macrame, rope, and this project won’t take up much of your time. Give your furry friend a little love and creativity, and maybe some of these cat hammock ideas can inspire you!

1. Macrame hammock for indoor


Present an aesthetic atmosphere by choosing a cat bed made of macrame. In addition to having a beautiful design, macrame is very strong to accommodate the weight of a cat so it is safe to use for them.

2. Hammock under the side table


You just need the right side table for this project. Choose a side table with sturdy table legs to hang the cat bed on.

3. Macrame hammock with a window view


Your cat will love sleeping in this place next to the window where he can see the birds and the view out the window. Place a macrame hammock that comes with a base for added pet comfort.

4. Wooden cat hammock and swing


It’s not just a cozy nap. This cat hammock also becomes a play area because it can swing. Your cat will feel relaxed throughout the day.

5. Portable tripod cat hammock


Use a sturdy tripod shape. This cat bed is also very practical because it is portable so it is easy to move it to any area in the house.

6. Wooden cat house and hammock


This DIY cat house project is very functional because it has two beds in it. Cats can relax in the lower bunk or play in the upper hammock.

7. Rattan cat hammock


Take a rattan basket, tie the four sides and then hang it in any area you want. And look you’ve made the perfect hammock for a few kittens.

8. Cat hammock in the window


Slightly different from other cat beds. The cat bed design really becomes a part of the window. Besides being a cat bed, you can also close it as a curtain or window covering.

9. Cat hammock in the wall


If the area in the house is too small even for a cat bed, try using the wall area to convert it into a space-saving cat bed.

10. Ergonomic cat hammock


As the name implies, this cat hammock design is really designed to ensure the comfort of your furry friend. Made of wood and soft knitted material, making cats feel safe without worrying about falling.

11. Cat hammock with dream catcher inspired


Inspired by the shape of a dream catcher. The cat hammock also features rope knitting, a beautiful tying technique, and warm soft fur.

12. DIY crochet cat hammock


Bring your creativity to life by making a DIY cat bed, like this crochet cat hammock. That way, your cat will feel the love you give.

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