15 Fresh And Beautiful Bathroom Design Like In Nature

There is a different bathing experience that is felt when you build an outdoor bathroom design. Not only as a place to clean yourself, this outdoor bathroom idea will bring you closer to nature. Some people think that bathing is the best way to relax. Starting from the element of water to refreshing our bodies with a shower or soaking in a comfortable bath. It’s an easy solution that you should have in every home, and outdoor bathroom designs provide a great experience while you enjoy it.

Although the indoor bathroom is still a priority for many people, there is nothing wrong if you want to create an unusual outdoor bathroom design. Being outdoors and blending with nature is the hallmark of an outdoor bathroom style. We think the bathroom doesn’t always have to be in an enclosed space, especially if you have an outdoor area with a good barrier or privacy such as fences, plants, or even a dividing wall.

If you are interested, here are 15 outdoor bathroom designs that will make you feel like you are in nature. Please scroll down and get inspired!

1. This bathroom takes inspiration from hotels with a thick holiday feel. You will enjoy bathing, spa, to relax surrounded by many plants.


2. Bring a forest feel to the bathroom by creating an open concept. In addition to the transparent roof, there are many types of plants that make it feel like being in nature.


3. This is part of a natural bathroom, and you can still add aesthetic style with a shower and unique patterned tiles.


4. Tropical forest style is like moving into this outdoor bathroom. With a modern style shower and surrounded by many beautiful tropical plants.


5. There is nothing more comfortable than soaking in the garden. The choice of concrete bath looks to blend with the surrounding landscape.


6. Invite your family or friends to soak while enjoying the refreshing natural atmosphere.


7. Even if you are outside, it is very important to maintain privacy for an outdoor bathroom. In addition to covering it with a wooden fence, you can also add lots of plants around the shower.


8. For an outdoor shower, hang the shower on a natural tile or wall. Then add an inviting tropical theme.


9. Stone bathtubs are perfect for being outdoors. Besides being natural, you can also bring a holiday vibe to your bathroom.


10. Not only natural, this bath and shower has a classic feel that blends with the surrounding plants.


11. Protect your outdoor shower by adding a pergola. Choose wood materials and wall combinations made of stone.


12. Besides being cozy, this concrete outdoor bathtub also looks natural with its original color. There is a shower and bath for all your needs.


13. Bathing among nature is indeed very pleasant, especially if your bathroom floor is made of a deck with a natural feel.


14. Stone walls are the best choice as privacy for an outdoor bathroom. This stone wall will blend with the landscape you want to show.


15. This  bathtub design is completely carved out of stone, while the water shower oozing out of the wood pieces adds to the freshness.


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