September 27, 2023

15 Cozy And Relaxing Living Room Design In The Floors

Living room design can represent the personality of the owner, and this area is also the first thing that other people see when they come to your home. Currently, there are various living room designs that can be applied to modern homes. However, many people want to bring a different and unusual atmosphere to their living room, one of them by presenting a living room design on the floor.

If the living room usually has a certain height, this time we will make it feel more relaxed, namely under or on the floor. This living room design is often applied to a bohemian interior style that adheres to a free, harmonious, and not focused on one style only. You are free to create a living room according to your personality, so you can show what you like to every guest who comes.

The living room in the floor has many interior elements dominated by pastel, white, and cream colors. Meanwhile, the style of furniture and decorations has many ornaments or repeating patterns. In addition, the living room on the floor is suitable for interiors with low ceilings or limited-sized dwellings. So, what is the design of the living room on the floor that matches your space concept? Here we’ve rounded up some of the inspiration!

1. Stay fashionable and modern with beanbags on the floor. Add some lighting from the floor to the roof to add a minimalist impression.


2. If you think the living room on the floor is not warm enough, try adding a fireplace which at the same time beautifies the room.


3. Besides being relaxed, this living room design is also more refreshing with indoor plants.


4. A bohemian style living room is the best idea that you can apply on the floor.


5. For a small room, try to make a built-in living room that saves space.


6. Bright and warm impression can be seen from the living room on this floor. Use pillows and colorful elements as well as glass walls that let light in naturally.


7. Several types of floor cushions can also be a great alternative to this living room style.


8. The living room on the floor is very popular with women, even you can add a feminine impression to this living room.


9. In addition to the floor sofa, the carpet is a cozy decoration element for the living room design on the floor.


10. Bring a beautiful feel to your living room wall with gallery wall. To add a storage area to the living room on the floor, you can also add shelves in the wall area.


11. The living room idea on the floor is very functional because it can be used as a family room and TV room.


12. Even the smallest area such as an attic can be converted into a floor living room.


13. Apart from being feminine, the living room on the floor can also look masculine by placing a leather sofa and industrial interior.


14. Consists of a beanbag and a minimalist coffee table. We love the Japanese touch in this floor living room.


15. Add a long wooden table in your living room to add an aesthetic impression. Even on the floor, stay comfortable with the right choice of floor pillows and rugs.


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