21 Coziest Plunge Pool Ideas In The Backyard


Having a swimming pool may be the last thing on your plans when building or renovating a house. Besides spending a lot of budget, limited land is one of the problems for those of you who live in urban areas. Some people think that only the rich have a private swimming pool, even though there is one swimming pool design that is budget-friendly and doesn’t take up much space.

Anyone likes to spend time while soaking in the pool when the weather is hot, the swimming pool will complement whatever your outdoor entertainment zone is, so the swimming pool can be considered a favorite area for the whole family.

Plunge pools are not only a solution for houses with limited land, this swimming pool design is no less comfortable with swimming pool designs in general because it has many fun facilities. Despite its small size, plunge pools are still the choice of many people for those who want outdoor comfort.


Definition of plunge pools

There is a big difference between a regular swimming pool and a plunge pool. If the swimming pool has a large enough size, then the plunge pool only has a small size. Usually this plunge pool is only 15 to 20 square meters in size, there is even a smaller plunge pool design so that it is only enough for soaking. The plunge pool is safe enough for anyone to use, even the elderly and children because it only has a depth of 1.2 to 1.4 meters. This makes the plunge pool very suitable to be placed in any location. Do you want to place it in the garden, backyard, or on the terrace? The plunge pool design is a practical and easy solution for limited land.












Plunge pool design in the backyard

One idea to get an entertainment zone in the backyard is to build plunge pools. It doesn’t matter how small your backyard is, you apply a plunge pool that is adjusted to the size of the land you have. By having a size that is not as large as an ordinary swimming pool, it makes costs and construction time much more efficient. There are many ways to decorate your backyard with a plunge pool, and one of them is to build an underground swimming pool, cocktail pool, or even a tiny DIY pool made of stock tanks.

The plunge pool still has a water element, a comfortable relaxing area, and can blend with the exterior. By adding the right decorations and outdoor furniture, you have succeeded in creating a private swimming pool that is comfortable and can be enjoyed by the whole family.









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