Back To Nature, 20 Amazing Stone Tile Bathroom Ideas


Back to nature has been the most popular trend for people to desire over the past year, so I’ve been trying to find all things stone bathroom designs that have caught our attention on Pinterest lately. In contrast to walls in other areas of the house, bathroom walls are more often exposed to water, so they tend to get damp if you choose the wrong material.

From marble, granite to stone tiles, these natural materials are ideal for adding a natural element to your bathroom. And depending on your choice of stone, they can each offer some beauty while making any bathroom feel more refreshing.

Now if you’re ready to get closer to nature, here are some stunning stone tile bathroom inspirations to keep you chilled out any time of the day.


Bathroom stone tile designs

One of the best materials for natural bathroom walls, namely stone tiles. The unique stone texture will give your bathroom a luxurious impression. This material is also very strong, waterproof, and can last for a long time. There are several types of stone tiles that are easy to incorporate into modern interior styles, such as featuring warm stone accents or highlighting the natural texture of stone.


Cozy open space

A stone bathroom may look dreary at times, and adding an open concept to the skylight is an easy solution that brightens up the bathroom and makes it feel more spacious. Don’t be afraid to combine stone with other materials such as wood, marble, granite, or even add ornamental plants to make the stone bathroom more refreshing.


Pattern or want to appear neutral?

Some small bathrooms will look more unique when you add patterns. Take advantage of geometry and patterns in small spaces to add character and visual interest. There are several patterns that you can apply, such as a classic to a modern look.

For those of you who like comfort, a stone bathroom with a neutral look is the best idea. Add warmth and a soft touch wherever you want it. From wooden furniture to choosing brightly colored stone tiles, there are many ways to match your personality.


Bathroom details and accessories

If you’re still not sure how to mix shapes and textures when using stone tiles, try playing with interesting details. Create bathroom details from a variety of natural hues and textures such as adding a rug, choosing a contrasting color for the shower, white cabinets, to mixing up some color accents. Even though it feels minimalist, additional details and the right accessories make a stone bathroom more aesthetic.

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