10 Cozy Picnic Decor Ideas In The Backyard

The area in the backyard is often neglected by the owner. Not surprisingly, this backyard is synonymous with a warehouse for storing things or a lush garden that is not maintained. In fact, if used properly, this backyard can be a relaxing space, or even a fun picnic area outdoors.

It doesn’t matter how small your backyard is. With a little creativity, a narrow area in the backyard can be transformed into a beautiful and certainly comfortable garden. Here, you can do all kinds of outdoor activities such as relaxing, playing, or hanging out with your family without having to leave your home. Besides being more economical, the backyard can also be used as a place for family picnics for those of you who don’t have much time to go on vacation.

Here we’ve rounded up 10 picnic décor ideas, and how to apply them to your backyard. Get inspired!

1. Turn your small backyard into a bohemian picnic area. Add a canopy-shaped umbrella to protect from the hot sun.


2. Moroccan living room design is indeed synonymous with the outdoors. It is a favorite for receiving guests or relaxing the family.


3. Create a comfortable outdoor dining atmosphere with a minimalist style. Decorate with flower pots on a wooden fence that matches the floor.


4. Summer is always synonymous with the freshness of lemons. In addition to planting lemons, you can arrange furniture with a fresh lemon color.


5. Want to have a private garden with a comfortable area to relax? Create a park bench surrounded by a hedge.


6. The combination of wood and rattan elements on the furniture looks beautiful with the right plant arrangement.


7. A simple backyard can also be this cozy with a vintage accent.


8. Don’t be discouraged if the backyard is small! Incorporate a holiday vibe like a beach theme into the décor.


9. A picnic in the backyard would not be complete without a pool. For small areas, you can work around this with a stock tank pool.


10. No one will mind eating or preparing dishes in this backyard. An aesthetically pleasing furniture that blends in with the vines around it.


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