January 24, 2022

12 Awesome 3D Wall Mural Design That Inspired

Beautifying your home with furniture and other decorative items is the easiest way that many people choose. However, apart from focusing on decoration, it turns out that there are more practical ways to create an awesome impression in the interior, one of which is by adding wallpaper or wall murals. In contrast to wall paint, although they can be applied in any room, wall murals can give the impression of being outdoors or in the wild.

This mural, which usually uses wall paintings, has now been modified to make it feel more real or 3D. This decoration has become a new trend to decorate the walls and give a relaxed feel to the room. Even now, murals are not only an additional element, but have become part of the interior design and style that reflects the characteristics of its inhabitants.

There are lots of 3D wall mural inspirations to choose from and apply, from landscape themes, forests, beaches, to painting art. Here we have collected 3D wall mural designs that can be your inspiration to decorate your home!

1. Feel the sensation of waking up in the middle of the forest which is still filled with morning mist and some rays of sunshine from behind the trees.


2. This living room wall filled with leaves will make anyone feel relaxed. Pair it with a leather sofa that contrasts with the wall mural.


3. Bring the freshness of nature to your living room with a forest theme wall mural. You can choose a sofa with a similar natural feel.


4. This bedroom looks busy because it blends with the open closet. Create a more relaxed atmosphere by adding a natural landscape theme wall mural.


5. Working from home of course requires focus and concentration. In order not to get tired quickly, you can add a wall mural with a forest theme that will inspire you.


6. A kids room surrounded by forest is a dream world full of adventure.


7. The dining room feels more spacious with a wall mural that seems to be connected to the outside.


8. Sleeping at night will feel more restful and comfortable with a full moon theme wall mural.


9. Besides the full moon theme, you can also choose a night sky theme filled with lots of stars. This bedroom will take you to have sweet dreams.


10. Don’t have time to go to the beach, let alone watch the sunset? Now you can enjoy it every day from inside your home.


11. This living room design is very beautiful with pastel color accents and a beach wall mural theme.


12. Your favorite corner or reading nook can also feel more comfortable with a 3d wall mural. Feel the sensation like reading on the beach.


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