7 Best Herbs Garden Ideas To Grow In Indoor

Apart from houseplants that are often part of indoor decoration, herbal plants have long been a favorite of many people. This herb has been shown to have many benefits for preventing and treating various diseases. But not only as a medium for natural medicine, this herbal plant is also useful as an ingredient in various recipes. For some reason herbal plants can be grown indoors, of course there are several types of herbal plants that are easy to grow even if they are indoors.

Even though there are thousands of types of herbal plants around the world, today I would like to summarize them into the 7 best herbs that can grow indoors. Want to create your own herb garden? Here are our favorite herbal plant ideas that are not only beneficial for health but will also beautify your interior.

1. Mint

Mint has a characteristic fragrant leaf and a fresh taste. This plant is easy to grow and has many benefits. Mint leaves are frequently used in mixed drinks to taste more delicious, food decoration, up to a mouth freshener. How to plant it you only need to cut the mint stalk and immerse it in the planting medium.

2. Lovage/ celery

Celery is well known to many people as part of a food ingredient. Celery leaves also contain many properties to cure various diseases such as hypertension. This plant is quite easy to plant indoors with potting media and soil.

3. Basil

Basil is very easy to grow, especially in tropical climates. This plant has a fresh aroma and flavor with vitamin A, magnesium and manganese to anti-bacterial as well as protection from various diseases.

4. Ginger

Who doesn’t know ginger? One type of this rhizome plants can be easily grown in different soil conditions. Apart from being a cooking spice, ginger also has many properties such as being able to warm the body and cure various diseases.

5. Rosemary

Rosemary is known as a food flavoring ingredients and herbs which have a distinctive smell and texture of the leaves is strong. This plant is also very effective at repelling mosquitoes in the house. To plant it, you will need a large potting medium because rosemary is a plant that is easy to grow tall and wide in a short time.

6. Thyme

At first glance, this thyme is very similar to mint, this plant that originates from mainland Europe can be grown very easily in a room with adequate lighting. Thyme is useful as a food flavoring ingredient, and almost all parts of this plant can be used.

7. Aloe vera

Aloe vera has properties that are great for skin care and beauty because it contains abundant vitamin E. You can apply this plant directly to your skin because aloe vera has a thick, slimy flesh in the form of a transparent gel.

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