September 22, 2023

20 Outdoor Climbing Wall Ideas For Kids Activities


kids at home are always active is good for their motor development. However, as parents, we often feel anxious about their activities which are sometimes dangerous without realizing it. There are things that make children unable to stay still. From climbing furniture to doing activities that they find fun but may be a little worrisome for parents.

Creating a playroom is not enough when children want to play outside, however playing outdoors is more fun than telling them to stay at home. That’s the reason why you need to plan a playground that they will like.

From the garden to the backyard, adding a climbing wall game is proven to be efficient for training your little one’s growth and development. Wall climbing is not only a game to train children physically, but also teaches them to be disciplined, independent, and of course having fun outdoors.


DIY outdoor climbing wall

It is undeniable that children prefer outdoor activities. Especially if they have relatives or friends to play with and share experiences. There are many ways to make outdoor kids activities more enjoyable, one of which is by creating a playground equipped with a climbing wall. If you’re creative enough, you can make an easy DIY outdoor climbing wall yourself using buildings or the landscape around you. A blank wall is a practical solution, a tree house with a wall climbing area, or even building a safe climbing wall structure for your little ones. Here are some inspirational outdoor kids climbing walls that you can emulate at home. Scroll down and find more of your favorite ideas!









Playhouse with wall climbing area

Some children may be underage for a climbing wall. They prefer to play with their own world so it is difficult to add physical activities. As we know, climbing wall games can take care of the physical so that it is more suitable for older children. For toddlers, you can combine it with a playhouse with a certain height. Change the stairs up to the entrance using a climbing wall, even a slide is more fun when the little ones want to go down. Don’t forget security, you can build a play house on the grass or add a sandbox underneath. That way, your little one will not feel pain when he falls.











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