Youtube Office 2: Transform Ancient Office Building To New Creativity


This ancient office building was transformed into a new creative hub for digital media pioneers. To keep up with its rapid growth, YouTube asked Jensen to renovate an ancient, 100,000-square-foot office building into an energetic campus expansion. Located in San Bruno, California, designers are embracing a creative and insightful vision into the new Youtube office 2. Transforms video dynamism to architectural scale, and introduces portals and points of connection. Flexible open office space fills the upper two floors, while a central meeting room and other facilities are on the ground floor bringing everyone together.

The combination of art, color and paths brings the buildings to life in extraordinary ways. Stairs and amenities are placed to encourage the flow of movement while large openings cut into the floor pleats provide views of the outdoors. In this opening, Office of Things collaborators introduce fabric-wrapped decorations and digital layouts, bringing together two levels of workspaces with vibrant colors and fun digital flows. These quirky colors extend all the way to the walls, helping people find their way, while super-graphic figures, by artist Buckley, line the building, creating moments of discovery and fun.


Almost all of these office buildings underwent renovation, and after detailed analysis, the client opted for a more sophisticated structural system that uses seismic dampers. It was a building-sized shock absorber that helped reduce the strength of the earthquake. Tough and dramatic, silencers are a painted design element, and their use leaves most windows unobstructed, allowing natural light to enter from all directions.


With Youtube high mobility, the optimal mix of meeting rooms, facilities and work arrangements can be difficult to understand. To address this, the design team looked at operational data to assess the right size, ratio, and location for the meeting rooms, and considered how the facilities were combined both through the building and across campus. A cafes, meeting room, and plaza as a relaxing place to sit on the ground floor. The square merges with the basement floor, where fitness is the main theme.












photos: Mariko Reed

designer: Mark Jensen

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