Creative Ways To Brighten Halloween With Lights

Whatever your Halloween decoration choices this year, it’s not going to be festive without the right lighting. No matter whether you want to carve a pumpkin, decorate a room, or add spooky details to a décor, Halloween night remains the highlight of all celebrations.

Halloween light always makes any decoration look dramatic, it can be fun, scary, even brighten up Halloween night with a festive party. From string light to lanterns, today I want to inspire you with ten creative ways to celebrate Halloween with light. Turn an ordinary space into something extraordinary and one of your favorite lighting is below!

Terrace lighting with vintage feel

Bringing a vintage feel to Halloween decorations always succeeds in making any room feel scary. Like this vintage-style patio with various Halloween lighting ideas.


Pumpkin LED String light for front door

The front door is the first thing people see when they enter your home. That’s why you need to pay special attention to this area by placing the LED string light as a welcome greeting. Since it’s Halloween, you can work around this with a pumpkin shape.


Pumpkin Halloween lantern

Halloween lanterns are everyone’s favorite Halloween night. Usually they put it outdoors as part of the landscape or outdoor decoration.


Pumpkin witch lamp

Tired of plain looking pumpkin lighting? Now you can change it a bit with a more attractive design. Arrange the pumpkin lights so that they resemble the shape of a witch, add a wizard hat and now you have a whole new decoration.


Blood candle light

In addition to lanterns, candles are also an option during Halloween celebrations. To make it even more scary, you can add the effect of blood flowing from above the candle.


Halloween neon sign

Want to make a great statement on Halloween? You can make a Halloween neon sign and put it in front of your house.


Window silhouette lights

In order to successfully create a scary window silhouette, of course you need supporting lighting. If a light isn’t enough, you can add string lights around the window.


Halloween staircase lights

The impression of horror and scary is immediately visible from the design of this staircase. In addition to the vintage photo gallery, the access to the bat wall, the lighting on the stairs completes the overall décor.


Glowing Halloween jars

Not only as extra lighting, these Halloween jars feature specimens that can be part of the décor.


Hang witch hat light

If you want a simple but creative look, try adding lighting for Halloween. Like some witch hats with this light that seemed to float in the air.


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