February 26, 2024

10 Cute Kids Bedroom Ideas With Doraemon Theme

Who doesn’t know doraemon? One of the animated figures since the 60’s is indeed very popular and has become a childhood friend to this day. Doraemon himself is told as a cat from the future who was sent to help his childhood friend, Nobita. There are so many funny, sad, and memorable stories from this animation that we can take lessons from.

Not only past generations, even today’s children can still enjoy animation to doraemon films. If by chance your children are fans of this animation, there’s nothing wrong with changing their bedroom with doraemon theme. Doraemon bedroom basically can be used both for boys and girls. So, there’s no limit to how you can make their imaginations come true with this adorable robot cat.

1. Installing a wallpaper with doraemon theme is the easiest way to get a dream room. However, the use of wallpaper that covers the entire wall does require a large enough budget.


2. This loft room is like the secret room of the little one and doraemon. Although simple but I like the open concept that brightens the room.


3. Not only doraemon bed, this study table set and children’s wardrobe also don’t miss doraemon decoration.


4. For little girls, you can add a comfortable bed canopy to keep her sweet dreams.


5. Fresh and cheerful impression can be seen from Doraemon bedroom. Even though it’s only using Doraemon bed sheet and pillows, it feels refreshing thanks to the indoor plants.


6. Pendant lamp with Doraemon theme is really unique and adorable. Every child will love it.


7. Want a calmer feel to Doraemon room? Try using pastel colors for the interior.


8. This large wallpaper in kids study room will make the children more excited because the atmosphere in the room is fun.


9. If your budget is limited, you can replace Doraemon wallpaper with cheaper wall stickers.


10. Present a futuristic impression in Doraemon bedroom. In addition to modern furniture, you can change the ceiling with a view of the sky.


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